Terms of Payment

Flyers Media term of payment

Terms of Payment as following:

  • 100% upon collection of flyers.
  • We accept cheque and bank transfer only.
  • Cross cheques in Ringgit Malaysia are to be issue to "Century Ventures Capital Sdn Bhd".
  • Distribution / Insertion will only commence upon confirmation by full settlement of payment.
  • 6% GST is applicable. (No. ID GST : 001233395712)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Flyers must be collected 7 days prior to insertion date.
  • A sample of the insert design must be pre-approved.
  • We reserves the right to reject the inserts if 1) it does not commensurate the requirements 2) Inappropriate content.
  • Flyers materials should be of light grammage paper (80gm to 157gm)
  • Minimum 5000 copies per order / distribution zone.
  • Collection of flyers is FREE of charge within Malaysia.