Sandwich Board Advertising

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A Great Way make the ATTENTION !

Sandwich board is a type of advertisement composed of two boards (holding a message or graphic) and being either. A great way to advertise your brand/promotion with this walking bill board.

Sandwich boards are most typically deployed in busy pedestrian areas and advertise businesses within easy walking distance. The wearer might also pass out flyers or shout advertising slogans. Sandwich boards were start popular in the 19th century, and have largely been supplanted by billboards, which are more effective in advertising to passers-by who are now likely to be in automobiles.

Why Sandwich Board Advertising?

  • They're fully interactive - In this post-digital age, interactivity has taken on a whole new meaning. It moves. It answers questions. It poses for photographs. It imparts information. And it may even let you throw rotten vegetables at it. Fun for all the family.
  • Customers can't buy what they can't see - This classic business adage is so important, it's worth repeating: customers can't buy what they can't see. So if your business or storefront is hidden from view, your customers can't find you. Remedy this with an eye-catching, can't-be-missed advertisement: an A board sign.
  • Bring customers directly to you - From trade shows to farmer's markets, A frame signs are a great way to direct potential customers to your booth or display. Place one strategically at the main entrance and direct foot traffic your way ensuring customers can easily find and recognize your business.
  • Take advantage of unused sidewalk space - Don't wait for customers to enter your store to begin your sales pitch. Get them interested even earlier with sidewalk advertising. Generate more sales without any extra work by using A boards to promote a new product, advertise a seasonal sale or highlight a daily special.
  • Attract new customers - Think about all the people who drive by your storefront every day. If they never get out of their cars, they may not even know your store exists! Prominently position your A board on the sidewalk or curb to grab the attention of passing commuters.
  • Location, location, location - A board signs make great advertisements because they're lightweight, fully portable and also durable. So don't just plop one down in the first place that strikes your fancy. Take advantage of the sign's mobility and strategically position it so that it attracts the greatest attention from foot traffic or commuters.
  • Keep it simple - Remember that attention spans are short, and commuters driving by can only safely read so much before they pass your A board sign. So keep the message short and sweet.
  • A picture is worth a thousands sales - This old marketing adage definitely rings true with A boards. Remember, a creative graphic or image of your product is worth more than excess verbiage. So keep the message short and the pictures big.

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